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The San Miguel Basin Extension office provides assistance and programs for citizens in five main areas: 4-H/Youth Development, Ag/Local Food, Gardening, Natural Resources and Home, Family & Health.

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Chicken and Egg Producers

Cage-Free Regulations to Begin Jan 1 in CO for Producers  

Producers will phase into fully cage-free by 2025. On Jan 1, 2023, all eggs and egg products sold in Colorado must be compliant with HB20-1343, concerning confinement standards for egg-laying hens. “The Colorado Department of Agriculture is committed not only to the welfare of egg-laying hens but also to fair and equitable trade of eggs and egg products as we implement this new regulatory program established through legislation,” said Mark Gallegos, Director of CDA’s Inspection and Consumer Services Division. Continue reading the article here.  

click here–>Agriculture Custom Rates for Farm and Ranches


Disasters can have significant impacts to our finances. And then comes the tax implications. The “Rural Tax” group (National Farm Income Tax Extension Committee) has a new URL with updated layout –

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Drought Monitor and Drought Resources

Local Food Resources, click below:

SMB Regional Seed Library Information!

The purpose of our seed library is to provide and propagate locally adapted seeds for local gardeners and farmers.  Locally adapted seeds are a vital component of a healthy, secure & local food system. 

It’s time to plan your 2023 garden and you will need seeds!  We are trying hard to provide a variety of seeds to all!

Yvette will be bringing in the seed library soon.

  1. Go by the Lone Cone Library where the SMB Regional Seed Library is housed.
  2. If you can’t stop by the Library, contact Yvette to make arrangements to get seeds.
  3. Fill out the membership form link below.
  4. Select up to 5 packets of seeds (include first and alternate choices on the form). Seed availability link below.
  5. Email your form to or call her at  970-708-4786 or give to Library staff and get your seeds at the Lone Cone Library.
Seed Availability Link
Seed Library Membership Form
Seed Saving Brochure


Did you know we offer free diagnostic services?

We have an email specifically for this  (It stands for San Miguel Basin Colorado Master Gardeners). If you have a plant or tree problem or need a plant or insect identified, send photos to this email, along with information describing the problem by using the forms below.

Link for SMB Tree/Shrub Diagnostic pdf Form

Fillable Form – Tree/shrub Diagnostics

Link for SMB General Diagnostic pdf Form

Fillable Form – General Diagnostics