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The San Miguel Basin Extension office provides assistance and programs for citizens in five main areas: 4-H/Youth Development, Ag/Local Food, Gardening, Natural Resources and Home, Family & Health.

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4-H 101: Tips for a Successful Year

  1. Join 4-H, pick a club, and decide which project(s) you would like to take. 5-7 years old are
    Cloverbuds (a non-competitive/non-specific program). 8-18 years old (would be traditional 4-H).
    4-H age as of 12/31 of previous year:
  • 8-10 – Junior
  • 11-13 – Intermediate
  • 14 and Up – Senior
  1. Come to the Extension office and pick up any materials needed (forms, project books and resource
    books), learn how to enroll on 4-H Online, and pay your enrollment fees. $30 for the 1st project
    and $15 for each additional. $35 for first year Horse. $15 for Cloverbuds.
  2. Enroll for the 4-H year on 4-H Online.

• All enrollments and fees for Horse & General Projects (including Cloverbuds) are due April
• All enrollments and fees for all livestock projects are due the Friday before that initial
livestock weigh-in, except for rabbits. Rabbit fees
are due the Friday before lamb/goat weigh-ins.
• Fill out necessary forms, such as: animal care and housing, the code of conduct, fairgrounds
liability forms, and health forms
(needed for traveling to events). All of these are in 4-H Online when
you register.

  1. Complete all the requirements for the year (doesn’t apply to Cloverbuds):

▪ Attend 6 Club meetings REQUIRED
▪ Complete a project demonstration REQUIRED
▪ Participate in a club community service activity. REQUIRED
▪ Participate in a showmanship class or project interview. REQUIRED
▪ Completion of a record book. REQUIRED
• A good plan is to work on your record book throughout the year and enter data frequently so
you don’t have to go back and remember all you have done at the end.
▪ Participate in a Leadership opportunity (become an officer, join
Council, help lead the younger children, stand out and make a

▪ Be familiar with the Colorado 4-H Policy Handbook:

▪ Attend necessary training for your project (MQA, Officer workshops, weigh-ins, etc.) MQA is
REQUIRED for all first year livestock members and again when the member becomes a senior in 4-H.

  1. Stay up to date on events, projects, and new information:
    ▪ Check our website at
    ▪ Visit the State 4-H website at
    ▪ Visit our Facebook page at
    State-University-Extension-San-Miguel-Basin-4-H- 216353815109385/

    ▪ Read the emails we send out and respond accordingly
    ▪ Call or email anytime with questions or concerns:,, and
  2. Attend County, State, and National Events when the opportunity entices you to learn and grow in
    4-H. Check the local and state
    websites for the calendar of events.
  3. Keys to success:
    ▪ 4-H Stands for: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health
    ▪ 4-H Mission: To empower youth to reach their full potential, working
    and learning in partnership with caring adults.
    ▪ 4-H Pledge: I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking, my HEART to greater loyalty, my HANDS to larger
    service and my HEALTH to better
    living for my Club, my Community, my Country, and my World.
    ▪ 4-H Vision: A world in which youth and adults learn, grow, and work together as catalysts for
    positive change.
    ▪ 4-H Motto: To make the Best Better.
  4. And last but not least:
    Remember to have fun, learn something new, and be a positive role model.

4-H is a community of young people, across America, learning Leadership, Citizenship and Life