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Produce Show Guidelines   arrow

For Heritage Harvest Festival Produce Show

Bring produce entries to the CSU Extension Tent at the Heritage Harvest Festival on October 7th at the Nucla Town Park from 10 am till noon.  We would like to judge the produce publicly beginning at 1 pm or as soon as everything is labeled.  It will be a learning opportunity for everyone.  We will attach comment cards to each entry.  Let us know in advance if you want your produce judged or if it is just for display.

We will do our best to get your entry back to you in good, edible condition at the end of the day.  Be aware that being displayed out of doors may decrease the quality of your entry.

If you can’t meet the guidelines perfectly, just bring the best you can– It’s more about seeing the beautiful diversity of produce grown in our area than competing!!  If you grow hybrids, not heirlooms, bring them!

Each variety or produce type counts as one entry.  An example:  you could bring 2 entries for slicing tomatoes (an entry of ‘Granny Cantrell’ and ‘Green Zebra’ tomatoes) or 3 entries of potatoes (‘Purple Mountain’, ‘Colorado Rose’, ‘Rio Grande Russet’), etc.  If you don’t know the variety, we will label it by type (slicer tomato, cherry tomato, beet, carrots, bush beans, etc.) 

Bring things at the stage of optimum eating quality and as blemish free as possible.  It’s not about size, it’s about quality!  (We will have a separate category for the largest produce.) 

Brush any dirt off your entries but don’t wash them, unless you grew with chemicals.

If possible, leave the leaves on things like carrots, rutabagas, beets, etc. to show the entire plant.   Cabbages can have a few outer leaves on as long as we can see the edible portion.

Taste is very important, but we will not be tasting this time.


  • for smaller things like green onions, cherry tomatoes, cherries, grapes, berries, etc., bring a cluster or 6-12 of each (or about a half cup). 
  • For larger things such as onions, leeks, cucumbers, summer squash, winter squash, large tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, tree fruits, etc., bring 3-6 of each entry.  If you only have 1, we will accept it. 
  • If you have big pumpkins, winter squash, cabbages, etc. you can bring just one.
  • You can bring flowers too!  1-3 stems of the same variety in a pop bottle or small vase.

Thank you!  We are excited to see what you bring!  (For more information, contact Yvette at 327-4393 or