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  1. The animal being shown MUST have been born in San Miguel or West Montrose County (school districts RE2 and R2J).
  2. The dam of the animal being shown MUST be a “resident” of San Miguel or West Montrose County 30 days prior to the conception of the animal being shown. The definition of “resident” shall be: The dam of the animal being shown shall either be incorporated into an established San Miguel or West Montrose County herd or owned by an individual who resides in San Miguel or West Montrose County. The sire of the animal being shown must have physically been in San Miguel or West Montrose County at the time of conception or AI must be used. The dam cannot have been taken out of the county to be bred.
  3. Artificial insemination (AI) and embryo transfer are recognized methods of herd improvement. Rules 1 and 2 still apply. Embryo needs to be flushed from a resident dam of the San Miguel or West Montrose County breeder and implanted in one of their herd recipient dams.
  4. All San Miguel and West Montrose County bred and fed animals must be branded with only a San Miguel or West Montrose County brand, if applicable to the specie.
  5. Exhibitors must turn in a County Bred and Fed form at the initial weigh in or deadline indicated on form in order to be eligible to compete in the class at fair. The form will be made available through the county extension office.
  6. The class will occur after the grand champion market drive.
  7. The top county bred and fed animal from the market classes will be brought back into the show ring to compete for the grand champion county bred and fed title.
  8. The grand and reserve champions of the junior market divisions are not allowed to compete in the county bred and fed.
  9. A prize will be awarded to the grand champion bred and fed animal of each species.
  10. Champions will earn the honor to sell third of specie in the Junior Livestock Sale.
Click on the link in right panel under Livestock Resources for the SMB Fair Board County Bred & Fed Program Form.