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SMB Colorado Master Gardener Program for Mountain & High Desert   arrow

Applications are closed now. Although all core classes are all online and you can work on them each week at the time best for you, we will have a few locally-focused and hands-on learning labs (evenings) to supplement the online classes!

  • The course runs from Oct 30-March, 2024.
  • The cost of the program is $200.00 after you full-fill your 60 hours of volunteer work with your local CSU Extension Office.
  • The Link to register is CLOSED!
      Early Bird Registration for course is ($475) = August 21st until September 15th. Regular Registration ($530) = September 16th until October 25th

If for some reason you can’t register by Sept 15th, please call us directly at 970-327-4393 or email or

Colorado Master Gardeners do their volunteer service with us locally in the San Miguel Basin Extension Office! We love working with our Master Gardeners to put on local programs, work together in our local research gardens, coordinate the SMB Regional seed library, help clients solve their plant problems, etc.

Registration for the non-volunteer track is $530.
‘Green School’ is the term we used to describe the training for CMG Apprentices (CMG) AND Certified Colorado Gardener (CGC). Both types of students go through the same training, the main difference is that CMG apprentices have a reduced rate ($200 instead of $530) because they have the commitment of giving back to the community on behalf of CSU Extension.

Link—> to the Colorado Master Gardener Site!!

If you have Colorado Master Gardener program questions, email Yvette.